Picking things like a keyboard, headset, and mice might seem like an easy choice: Pick what has the best reviews, price match, and what looks the best right? I’ve been around the block when it comes to peripherals. I’ve used almost every single brand of peripheral and I can confidently tell you that it is much more than that. The biggest factor in selecting peripherals is (in my opinion), software.

True, things like specific types of key switches and DPI sensors are very important; but most of those things you can find across multiple brands. When it comes to picking a specific brand, software is the most important. Some software is more in-depth, offering keybinds, game modes, data tracking, and more. Some software on the other end, may not work correctly. I’ve found that some software consistently perform poorly. Random disconnecting, not showing the correct information, and even the most annoying thing of all: randomly popping up in the middle of a game. 

So make sure you do all of your research and maybe even pre-download the software for the peripheral you’re looking to purchase to make sure it’s up you your standards. I find that Logitech software is always a safe bet.