After the massive release of the X570 chipset, many users were ecstatic to finally see some competition to the Intel flagship chip: the i9-9900K. The competition being AMD’s newest flagship chip: the Ryzen 9 3900X. This chip offers 12 cores and 24 threads with a boost clock of 4.6Ghz. AMD chips are known to have high core counts which benefit users who use their machines for streaming and productivity purposes (editing, production, etc.). 

While offering this chip at a competitive price to the 9900K was a smart move, something that seperates (and has separate Intel from AMD since the beginning), was Intel’s ability to have high boost and overclocking speeds on their chips. Intel chips easily boost and overclock to and past 5.0Ghz with ease, while AMD chips struggle to overclock a few points from the turbo clock. 

For 1080p gaming, single core performance is the biggest factor, and the 9900K beats the 3900X in single core speeds by about 14% (via UserBenchmark). In fact, the 9700K beats out the 3900X in single core performance by 6% (which is currently on sale for $349 here:)

As far as streaming and rendering, cores remain king. 12 cores against 8 cores in multi-core rendering tests, the Ryzen 3900X obliterates the 3900X by almost double the bench score. So if you plan on building a for streaming or editing, I’d recommend the 3900X.